new album "poise"

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While the act’s previous releases already digress beyond all imaginable genre-related thresholds and have their solid places in the act’s continuum, poise by its appearance and aesthetic, is the project’s most refined and musically pervasive effort to date.

 Poise also poses a quantum change for the band, as due to its unique nature a shift was required, which led to transforming their name to bunsenburner, to underline the vast difference between the band embodiment and Krahl’s own endeavors aka "bensnburner".

Stretching its canvas across a multitude of musical leanings rarely united and painting a labyrinthine image to its surface with brush strokes ranging from the cogent and mountain-movingly strong to the utmost delicate and feather light ones, somehow bunsenburner still manages to make absolute sense.

studio snippets

bunsenburner - poise

!out now!