While bensnburner as a project at first started as a bedroom project, Krahl quickly found himself amassing other likeminded world class musicians around him to tap into the most profound source of his vision and to fully obtain and convey the project’s essence in its grandest nature.

While the act’s previous releases already digress beyond all imaginable genre-related thresholds and have their solid places in the act’s continuum, poise by its appearance and aesthetic, is the project’s most refined and musically pervasive effort to date. Poise also poses a quantum change for the band, as due to its unique nature a shift was required, which led to transforming their name to bunsenburner, to underline the vast difference between the band embodiment and Krahl’s own endeavors.

Stretching its canvas across a multitude of musical leanings rarely united and painting a labyrinthine image to its surface with brush strokes ranging from the cogent and mountain-movingly strong to the utmost delicate and feather light ones, somehow bunsenburner still manages to make absolute sense.

The current line-up of bunsenburner is made up of Krahl’s long-time friends and fellow musicians, who have performed together with Krahl at different stages and bands throughout his multifaceted career, blooming into a band equally made up of metal as well as jazz musicians.

The pedigree of these musicians is a sight for sore eyes as well; the drummer Norman who has appeared on the three latest bensnburner records played in Triptykon for a decade, the guitarist Martin Fischer is known for his work in Fear My Thoughts and Long Distance Calling amongst others, while the so called jazz guys, the other guitarist Florian Möbes and the keyboardist Philipp Schlotter have made name for themselves through extensive careers from worldwide jazz scenes to movie scoring, and everything in between.